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Monthly & Quarterly Meetings/Trainings

Along with monthly meetings our team performs an 8 hr training operation monthly along with a full week-end training evolution in the field every quarter in different counties with-in Eastern Kentucky.

High Angle Rescue

Members of our team are trained in High Angle Rescue through either Rescue 3 International, Kentucky Emergency Management or Kentucky Fire Commission. (pictured) Team Member, John May operating as Rescuer/WFR during a High Angle Training Operation.

Tracking & Hasty Teams

Each team member is trained in Tracking & Hasty Searches through Kentucky Emergency Management. (pictured) Instructor/Squad Commander, Clay Corbett along with Asst. Instructor/Team Member, Michael Warrix instructing students during a TRACKING night evolution in Floyd County.

Search & Rescue

Team members are required to maintain a minimum amount of training hours in Search & Rescue per year. Our Agency is staffed with KyEM instructors who can provide such training. (pictured) Instructor Clay Corbett instructing students in a Search & Rescue Class prior to an outside exercise.

Swift-Water Rescue

Members of the East Kentucly Trackers are trained in Swift-Water Rescue through either Rescue 3 International or KyEM. (pictured) Swift-Water Rescue Instructors/Team Members (left) John May,(front) Michael Warrix & (rear) Clay Corbett training in boat operations during a Swift-Water Rescue Tech I Class on the Big Sandy River.

Wilderness Survival

Team members are trained in Wilderness Survival. (pictured) Class taught by Instructor Clay Corbett & Ky State Parks Naturalist, Trinity Shephard, at the Jenny Wiley State Park.


Many team members are trained in Wilderness First Responder (WFR) or either as an EMT/Paramedic.

Provide Departmental Training

The East Kentucky Trackers can provide Departmental or Organizational Training in a wide variety of specialty fields with-in Rescue. (pictured) Instr. Clay Corbett explaining the mechanical advantage of a 3-1 pulley system for Swift-Water Rescue Operations.

Incident Command Support

Utilizing Incident Command during a Search & Rescue Exercise. (pictured) Instructor Clay Corbett overseeing IC Operations during a Search & Rescue Class's Mock Search Operation.

Community Service

The East Kentucky Trackers yearly Christmas for a Child was dedicated to the memory of our first Honorary Junior Rescuer whom passed away in Jan. 2012.... This Charitable time will be known as the "Kalyn Faith Allen Christmas for a Child" sponsored by the East Kentucky Trackers.

Land Navigation (Con-Ed Training)

East Kentucky Trackers provide Land Navigation Training to Fire/Rescue Organizations as Con-Ed Hours free-of-charge. (pictured) Instructor/Team Member Mark Ryan assisting a student while teaching a class in Clark County, Ky.

Equestrian Search & Mounted Patrol

Specialized group of Mounted Team Members whom are certified in the following: Search & Rescue, Bomb Proofing, Crowd Control & Law Enforcement Operations.

East Kentucky Trackers
The East Kentucky Trackers are committed to using all of the resources at their disposal to assist in disasters and to locate and rescue lost, missing or overdue persons. Our mission is carried out through the use of the expertise and technology at the disposal of our department of dedicated specialists, always with attention paid to individual, team & victim safety. Further, it is our intent to train primarily for Tracking of lost individuals, Basic Search & Rescue Skills and to be prepared to use member’s specialty skills with-in Moving Water Rescue, High Angle Rescue and Wilderness Survival whenever the need arises. We are dedicated in training our teams & other Rescue Organizations with-in Kentucky. Furthermore we are also eager to educate the public and private sector and to help them in developing and understanding what search and rescue is, how not to get lost and how to handle a disaster situation. =