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East Kentucky Trackers

Clay Corbett Founder

East Kentucky Trackers



Meeting Called to Order: Squad Commander Clay Corbett

Roll Call (See Attached)


Reading of Previous Monthly Minutes:         

Motion to Accept: Jim Meade           2nd: Kenneth Forsyth     (ALL in FAVOR)


Finances: BB&T Account

            Previous Balance:  $695.00

            Deposits: $0.00

            Withdrawl: Check #101: $300-Internal Revenue Service (501-c-3)

            Ending Balance: 12/09/2012  $395.00         




Old Business:

Discussion of the teams 1986 Ford Bronco given to team as Squad Vehicle by Paul Miles in Letcher County.

1) Bylaw Revisions:

Motion: Jim Meade                             2nd: Richard Johnson                           (All In Favor)

          2) SOG Revisions:

            Motion: Kenneth Forsyth                             2nd: Carolyn Stevens              (All In Favor)

3) Description of Changing of Sectors & Removing Team Leader & changing from:

                        North/South/East/West Sectors & Team Leaders to

                        Esquestrian/Search/ATV/MIST/High Angle & Sector Chiefs

4) Nominations for Sector Chiefs As Follows:


                        Robert Milward (Diana Wright) Moved: Clay Corbett/2nd: Jim Meade

(All in Favor)


                        Jim Meade (Richard Johnson) Moved: Clay Corbett/2nd: Kenneth Forsyth

                        (All in Favor)

                        HIGH ANGLE:

                        John May (Kenneth Forsyth) Moved: Clay Corbett/2nd: Carol Schoolcraft

                        (All in Favor)


                        Racheal Greer (Jim Meade) Moved: Clay Corbett/2nd: Richard Johnson

                        (All in Favor)



                        Kenneth Forysth (Jim Meade) Moved: Clay Corbett/2nd: Cindy Sither

                        (All in Favor)

                        WATER RESCUE:

                        Michael Warrix (Richard Johnson) Moved: Clay Corbett/2nd: Kenneth Forsyth

                        (All in Favor)

            5) Nomination for Community at Large Member for Review Board

            **Request Bylaw Amendment to show if unable to attain a Community at Large Member, then a 4th team member shall be appointed to the position by the existing Review Board until a Community at Large member can be attained for an elected vote.

                        Motion: Jim Meade    2nd: Carol Schoolcraft   (All in Favor)

6) Discussion of Nov. 16-18th Training in Letcher County, 3 Day Extended Search Exercise.

7) Discussion of the 2013 TRAINING SCHEDULE

8) Discussion of Grant Application Denied by KyEM & Clay’s intentions of purchasing team’s gear.

9) Discussion regards to KyEM Chief’s Meeting

            a) EMAC Response Team

            b) ITeams & State Search Patches

c) Team’s Responsibility if Earthquake in Western Ky to Report to Bowling Green, Ky if a 6.0 or greater hits

10) Discussion regards to Earthquake in Eastern Kentucky and what our plan is & where team members will meet.

11) State Non-Profit Status????

12) Schedule a date to inventory team’s trailer and equipment.

13) Training Hours & Knife 2nd Quarter 2012-2013

14) Christmas for a Child: “Bell Johnson” Granddaughter of Daphne Branham/Daughter of Krista Johnson, “Lung Trbls”

New Business:


            Review Board Member Vote:

                        Racheal Greer: 11

                        Bubba Slade: (Community @ Large) No Vote Required

                        Tim Johnson: 9

                        Richard Johnson: 8

                        Kenny Forsyth: 9

                        Jim Meade: 5

            Greer, Slade, T. Johnson & Kenny Forsyth 2013 Board Members


            Tax Exempt Status:

                        $300.00 an application for 501 (c) (3) submitted to IRS

            Christmas for a Child:

                        Donations must be in next Saturday 12/15/2012, will meet at 12:00 at the MAC

            Special Guest:

                        Bill Matney w/ Matney Equipment here to demonstrate some new gear that the

                        Team will be purchasing.


                        Mike Stamper w/ Wolfe Co SAR passed away w/ cancer.

Round Table:


Motion to Adjurn:

            Motion: Jim Meade                 2nd: Richard Johnson

** Short Meeting due to Equipment Coverage w/ Bill Matney

Team Members Present:


Clay Corbett   Jeffrey Wilson   Richard Johnson   Tammy Boschert   Kelly Frasure   Tim Johnson   Carol Schoolcraft   Diana Wright   Liz Skelton   Robert Milward   Michael Lacy   Stephanie Gilbert   Rob Hounshell   Cindy Sither   April Johnson   Jim Meade    Kristie Wehmeyer